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The goals of the AAAEA – California include the following:

  1. To further the public welfare whenever engineering knowledge is involved and to act upon matters which are the concern of the engineering profession.
  2. Promote cooperation and mutual assistance among the members.
  3. Conduct academic review courses and technical seminars to update members’ knowledge of the latest technologies and regulations affecting the engineering profession.
  4. Establish scholarship programs to encourage qualified and talented students to pursue engineering field studies.
  5. Cooperate with other professional organizations.
  6. Serve the professional interest of the general membership and strive to promote professional consciousness and fellowship through collective interdisciplinary activities all in accordance with recognized and established engineering ethics and within existing applicable laws.

To achieve these goals, AAAEA on a regular basis awarded scholarships and conducts seminars, training classes, and social activities with members and other organizations.

  1. Job Placement / Business-To-Business
  2. Licensing Classes (EIT, PE, SE)
  3. Coordination with other Associations
  4. Scholarship Awards
  5. Technical Conferences
  6. Semi-Annual Meeting
  7. Community Educational Programs
  8. Family Picnics, Bowling, Golf Outing
  9. Annual Social Dinner
  10. Educational Seminars
  11. National Engineers Week